How to create a Minecraft PE server (or join a server)

Please refer to our updated article on how to create and connect to a Minecraft Pocket Edition Server. The information below is no longer pertinent.

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To join a MCPE server:

Update: MCPE 0.7.4 has introduced direct IP addition, meaning you can join servers in the game itself, without the need for tweaks and programs. If you’d like to set up a server, read our article here. We no longer recommend the usage of any of the ways listed below for the creation of servers.

PocketMine Realms (For Android and iOS): A small tweak allows you to join in on a worldwide network of MCPE servers. Unlike Mojang Realms and Multiplayer for MCPE, PocketMine Realms are FREE, don’t require rooting or jailbreaking, and have no player limit. This is our recommended (and the simplest) option for playing multiplayer on MCPE.

Multiplayer for Minecraft PE. Does NOT need jailbreak. Allows you to host and join servers. Only works on iOS.

Users who do not want to use Multiplayer or Realms must be jailbroken or rooted and have MCPE 0.6:

  1. Open up Cydia, make sure Minecraft PE is closed.
  2. add http://cydia.myrepospace.com/siris as a source.
  3. Once that’s done, search for MCServer and install it.
  4. Now you can change your server IP address to the one of the multiplayer world you would like to join.
  5. Now tap “Done”, and tap on the “Join Game” button. If the steps were followed, you should see the multiplayer game pop up.

For Android users (Do not use this if you’ve got MCPE versions 0.6 or above. PocketTools has the potential to ruin the app.):

1. Download ‘Pocket Tool
2. Open ‘Pocket Tool’
3. Press ‘Tool Kit’, Press ‘Change Server IP’
4. Type in or paste the IP Address
5. Press ‘Patch My Ip”
6. Press your ‘Menu’ button then ‘Apply Changes’
7. Uninstall and reinstall Minecraft Pocket Edition.
8. Open MCPE and press join server.

To create a Minecraft PE server:

If you want to host a server, we recommend PocketMine MP, it works for both iOS and Android users, and runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. iOS users have another option of using Multiplayer for Minecraft PE.

For Jailbroken iOS users:

1) Open your device settings.
2) Go to WiFi settings.
3) Next find your router and and click the blue arrow next to it. (>)
4) On a piece of paper write down the IP Address and the Router IP.
5) Go to safari and type the router IP in the address bar starting with: http:// followed by the IP address.
6) Type in the user name and password of your router.
**If you don’t know your password try “admin” or “password” without “”
sometimes there is no password**
7) Find the port forwarding section. (or port RANGE forwarding but it doesn’t matter which)
8) Find the protocol option and make it UDP.
9) For the port some people have only one and some people have a start and end, no matter if you have one or two just put 19132 in both (or if you have one than just one)
10) Next find the IP text box and put your IP address (regular, not router)
11) If there’s an enable option select it but if not just save the settings.
12) Go to Google and search “whats my IP”
13) On Google itself it should say “Your public IP is: (an IP address)”
That Public IP is what you wanna give to people and tell them to join it.


And now for Android!

First you need two apps. Launcher Pro, and Hack a Droid. Links will be up soon.
1) Open your settings and go to wireless settings, Then click your router and copy IP onto paper.
2)Next open Hack a Droid. Click Router Cracker. Next hit “Auto Fill”. Then hit Start. Wait for your username and password to appear.
3)Now on paper copy all the info (IP that appeared when you hit “Auto Fill”, Username, and password.)
4)Now open your web browser of choice and in the address bar type: http:// (IP that appeared when you hit “auto fill”)
5)Hit go and now just follow steps 6 and up from the IOS tutorial above.

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46 thoughts on “How to create a Minecraft PE server (or join a server)”

  1. I want it to be simple and my friend told me to not get my iPod jailbroken cuz (reason)/-1.(u can get cot by cops and go to juvie) & (reason)/-2.(it doesn’t auto save ur stuf so yeah u wold have to be retartid to download cidia) & (last reason)/-3.(if my mom and dad wold no I wold have a jailbroken iPod I wold get grounded from my iPod computer and all Internet

    1. It’s unfortunate that you can’t manage to spell well. Also, jailbreaking can’t get you arrested (whoever told you that is an idiot). So by all means, do report me (I don’t know who you would report me to). Lastly, don’t use retarded, it’s an offensive term.

  2. Can somebody post their server’s ip here? I’m getting bored. I host for 20Min a day, so there is no reason to know my IP. And I also don’t need to know your ip if you do the same as I do. If anyone has a server running 24/7 or even 5hr a day, please post their ip, so that everyone can play and have fun. My minecraft name:Pocketart
    Feel free to whitelist me on any server, I am known for youtubing different servers. PS, I’m not a griefer.
    If you really want to know my server’s ip, I can still upload it here(if you want it).

    Status: sad that pocketmine is gone:(

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