How to install the Google Experience Launcher

When Google updated their Search App yesterday on Google play, they bundled the Google Experience Launcher (GEL) with it. With this update, GEL is now available to all devices running Android 4.1 and up. All you need to do after installing Search 3.1.8 is install the launcher app from here.

First, make sure to enable the sideloading of apps by going into your device Settings > Security > and checking Unknown sources. Afterwards, download the GEL below and jump into your downloads app and install the launcher. Once the app installs, tap the Home button on your device. You’ll see a new pop up that will ask you which launcher you want to use. Tap the Google Experience launcher and select “always” if you’d like to use the launcher every time you press’s home. To remove this as your default, you can either uninstall the launcher or select “Clear Defaults” from the detailed apps view for the launcher. This will allow you to choose which launcher is your default again once you’ve pressed the Home key.

Download Launcher

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