How to create and join a Minecraft PE server

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To join a MCPE server:

From MCPE: MCPE 0.7.4 introduced direct IP addition, meaning you can join servers in the game itself, without the need for tweaks and programs. To join, go to Play>Edit>External and enter the IP address of the server.

Multiplayer for Minecraft PE: Third-party app for iOS devices that does not require a jailbreak. The app allows the user to host and join servers. The app cost $3 and does not require any monthly fee unlike Mojang Realms. Supports free AND paid versions of MCPE.

Minecraft PE Realms: Paid service that’s currently in alpha testing by Mojang. Realms will only support a limited number of players per server, and will be invite only. Pricing is expected to be anywhere from $3 to $15 monthly.

To create a Minecraft PE server:

PocketMine MP: Free software that runs on PCs, Macs, and Linux-based OS’s (including Android). The program turns your device into a server that can be access through direct IP addition in MCPE.

InstantMCPE: Free service that allows you to create a server with the click of a button. The only catch is that servers get destroyed after 24 hours, or 1 hour of inactivity.

Multiplayer for Minecraft PE: Third-party app for iOS devices that does not require a jailbreak. The app allows the user to host and join servers. The app cost $3 and does not require any monthly fee unlike Mojang Realms. See our review here.

ServerCrate:The most affordable option of creating a multiplayer server for both MCPE and the PC version of Minecraft. Powered by the same company that provides the free InstantMCPE service above, ServerCrate removes the need for having your computer and game on 24/7 and gives you complete control over your game and users, in addition to robust customer service.

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