Vietnam Announces Fines for Citizens who Criticize the Government on Social Media

Under the provisions of a law passed earlier this week, the Vietnamese Government will now issue fines of 100 million dong (about $4,740) for anyone who criticizes the government on social media.

Reuters reports that comments and statements that are determined to be “propaganda against the state”, or “reactionary ideology” are classified as a criminal offense in which the person responsible for them can be sent to jail. All other non-major offenses constitute the aforementioned 100 dong fine.

This new law follows a decree by the government that requires blogs and news websites to pay for a license in order to operate in the country and a law that stipulates that only personal information can be placed in social networks, effectively banning opinions from being conveyed on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Nigel Cook

    Well…I’m not Vietnamese, so I can say whatever I want:
    Dear Vietnamese authoritarian government; Go suck a donkey cock!
    Look how fearful governments are. The more controlling they are, the more afraid of the people they are. The Controllers want us to stay asleep, be docile and totally compliant.
    We are waking up and their game is over.

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