Everything you need to know about MCPE 0.9

Coming on the heels of the impressive 0.8 update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition, Mojang’s 0.9 update aims to add even more blocks, mobs, and features to the popular mobile indie game. Poised to be one of the largest updates in the game’s history,  details of what the update brings have been coming out slowly and randomly, so we’re here to piece them together for you.

Minecraft PE 0.9 will be released by March 31st

Revealed by MCPE developer Johan on Reddit, Minecraft 0.9.0 will be released in the first quarter of 2014. This means that we will see the update come out by March 31st.

Endermen are coming!

No they’re not perfect yet, but Endermen, a long awaited feature is expected to be added to MCPE 0.9.0 by the time the update comes out.

Infinite Worlds

A feature that has been long awaited, infinite worlds will be making their way into the mobile version of minecraft on the 0.9 update. Mojang says that older worlds will have the option of being made infinite, however they will not have cool new things like biomes and caves. Only worlds created with the 0.9.0 update will be able to take advantage of those new features.

New blocks & creatures

A bunch of new blocks will be added to the game in the 0.9 update. Among them are new flowers, plants, and types of wood. And yes, even wolves will make their (unplanned) debut with the 0.9 update.

Skins will be an option… Someday…

Jens has made it public that an option for custom MCPE skins will be added to the game. However, a timeframe for when is unclear. With Mojang focusing on the release of 0.9.0, we doubt that the ability to add custom skins will be added by the time the update comes out.

Minecraft Realms are closing until 0.9.1

A feature in its Alpha stage, Realms seemed like more of an afterthought than an important feature for most users. Mojang says Realms will go through a much needed developmental refresh, and will most likely be back by the 0.9.1 update.

Dual-Core devices are now preferred

With the upcoming 0.9 update, Mojang is suggesting users play MCPE with a dual-core device. Up until 0.8, the game always ran on a single core, however, as Mojang piles on new features, some older devices might have a hard time keeping up with things like infinite worlds.

Most devices of the last 3 years have two or more cores, meaning that for most users, playing MCPE will actually be faster since the game will now spread most of the processing demand around.

Redstone won’t be available on 0.9

Mojang says they aim to introduce redstone on the 1.0.0 update.

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