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Multiplayer for Minecraft PE Review & Giveaway

From having to deal with griefers, to paying monthly hosting fees, or just having to go through the setup process, hosting a MCPE server can be hectic stuff. However, an app for iOS devices promises to change that. Multiplayer for Minecraft PE hopes to curtail the complexity of setting up a server and being able to join one too. At just $2.99 and no hosting fees, is the app a good replacement for monthly services like ServerCrate or Mojang Realms? Read on to find out.
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Google Wallet card

Google Wallet Tap & Pay will no longer work on non-KitKat devices tomorrow

Android users that use Google Wallet on an operating system other than KitKat 4.4 will find themselves unable to use the app’s Tap & Pay feature tomorrow. Google states that the reason for doing this is KitKat’s compatibility with Host Card Emulation or HCE, which allows devices to make secure NFC purchases without needing a Secure Element. Continue reading


Instagram services down on web and mobile

Instagram services are down at the time of writing and have been unavailable for the past half hour. An Instagram spokesperson told TechnoBlimp: “We’re currently experiencing an outage that has made Instagram’s services unavailable for many users. We are aware of the problem and are working hard to resolve it. We hope to have full service restored soon. Thank you for your patience!”
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Internet mad men advertisement

Internet Ad Revenue Surpases Broadcast TV For The First Time

For the first time ever, internet advertising revenues hit a record high of $42.8 billion, effectively surpassing broadcast television advertising revenues ($40.1 billion). Continue reading

Google Glass

For one day only, Google will let anyone in the US buy Glass

Google has officially announced that it plans to sell its Glass virtual realty headset to the public for one day only. Confirmed by this Google+ post, buyers in the United States can purchase Glass on Tuesday, April 15th starting at 9AM ET. The search giant says that orders will include a free sunglass shade or prescription lens frame. Continue reading

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